Australian Butterfly Sanctuary

May 22, 2018

Currently available: $20AUD  Visit their site to learn more

What has no mouth and tastes with its feet? A butterfly! And you can see over 2,000 butterflies at the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary! They have the largest butterfly flight aviary and exhibit in the Southern Hemisphere. The warm, tropical climate of the Kuranda rainforest village is just what these exotic creatures thrive in. Enjoy a complementary half hour guided tour or you can wander through the aviary at your own pace, past fresh water streams, waterfalls, and surrounded by exotic tropical plants, flowers, and of course, lots of butterflies! Be sure to wear bright colors (pink worked especially well for us!) to attract the butterflies to land on you. A visit to the lab area allows you to see where the magic happens – all the butterflies in the sanctuary are bred on site. The eggs are collected daily and “hand-raised” from the caterpillar stage, to the chrysalis stage, and then they are released as butterflies into the Sanctuary. Experience the Australian Butterfly Sanctuary and enjoy these colorful tropical creatures!