Living Libations Chocolate

May 21, 2018

Currently available: CAD$7  Visit their site to learn more

A different kind of chocolate. Our friends at Living Libations have made what they describe as a “Beauty Bar” – a bar of unroasted cacao beans with added ingredients like botanical herbs and superfoods that bring out the “beauty of a bite well savored”. By not cooking and processing the cacao bean, all the healthy nutrients and antioxidants are better preserved. And this is not just any cacao bean; it’s heirloom, forest grown, ethically harvested, organic cacao that is ground by hand, giving it a more textured mouthfeel than a smooth one. Free of dairy, soy, nuts, refined butter and sugar, these bars provide you with a true chocolate experience. The whimsical names, such as Bliss Like This, More Than a Feeling, and Purple Chocolate Jesus, add to this experience, and their website explains the creation story behind each bar. For chocolate that is filled with nutrient dense superfoods, try┬áLiving Libations Chocolate!