May 9, 2018

Currently available: $9.99+  Visit their site to learn more

Don’t mask it, get rid of it…the stink that is! Our friends at HEX have developed a laundry detergent that is specially designed to eliminate the stinky, sweaty, griminess that is in our work out clothes. Their special formulation doesn’t hide the funk with nice smelling fragrances, it actually deep cleans your clothes, especially our hard-to-clean moisture wicking, synthetic fabrics. This formulation doesn’t stop there, it goes beyond cleaning, and protects your clothes with an eco-friendly, nonallergenic barrier that is washed into the fabric to prevent future stink, stains, and grime. HEX also makes your clothes softer with less static and better wicking and quicker drying. Yippee! On top of all this, there are no dyes, no fillers, no harsh perfumes, and no phosphates used, so you have a detergent that pours like water and is eco-friendly and biodegradable. For an all around better clean, go with HEX!