April 4, 2018

Currently available: $29.99 (pack of 12)  Visit their site to learn more

Little puffs of yumminess! Our friends at KiiNOA! are on to something. They have taken the superfood quinoa and created healthy snacks that will satisfy your need for something crunchy and tasty. Quinoa, known to the Incas as the “mother of all grains”, is rich in protein and fiber. And this is not just any protein, but quinoa contain ALL the essential amino acids (AKA the building blocks of proteins) that your body requires, which means that unlike most plant foods, quinoa is a complete protein. Currently, there are 3 flavors to choose from: Cheddar Cheese, Toasted Cinnamon, and Honey-Mustard Jalapeño. Each 1.2 ounce bag has 120-140 calories, 3-5 grams of protein, 2-6 grams of fat, and 2-3 grams of fiber. They are gluten-free, soy-free, trans fat-free, and certified Kosher. Try KiiNOA! for a guilt-free snack to power you through your next TrailblazerGirl adventure!