January 17, 2018

Currently available: $45  Visit their site to learn more

Here’s a fun, portable food container for all your travels. The recently released GreenTraveler has 4 sealed compartments and a total volume capacity of 44 ounces. With so many compartments that are spill-proof, you can fit a whole meal in it from a drink, soup, sandwich, and dessert (oops, we mean fruit!). There’s even a handy little utensil that fits inside and can be used as a fork, knife, and scooper. The included carabiner allows you to easily attach GreenTraveler to your backpack or sling a rope through the 2 loops to carry it alone. Though it isn’t insulated, it’s made of food-safe ABS plastic and is dishwasher and microwave safe, so if you’re at work, you can zap your meal in one of the many containers. GreenTraveler is a compact, practical “lunch box” that is just the thing to take on your next camping trip, hiking foray, or work lunch meal.