SOG Baton Q3

October 23, 2017

Currently available: $94  Visit their site to learn more

From the company that brought you the ultimate combat knife comes the ultimate tool. Our friends at SOG started out by reproducing the original SOG Bowie knife, a unique combat knife used by special ops units in Vietnam, and they have evolved into a company that is known for designing and producing a full line of innovative, award-winning tools. Their latest is the SOG Baton Q3, a sleek looking multitool that’s just slightly bigger than a highlighter pen (5.8 inches). It has a whopping thirteen tools (wow!): awl, straight edge blade, bolt/nut gripper, bottle opener, can opener, chisel, 3 sided file, 2 flat screwdrivers (small and medium), jewelry driver, Phillips screwdriver, pliers, and soft wire cutter. The slim profile, with a weight of 6 oz, slips easily in your backpack or you can attach it to your belt with the outer clip. The Baton Q3 is designed to meet your wilderness and urban TrailblazerGirl adventure needs without being too bulky or heavy.