Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper

October 4, 2017

Currently available: $9  Visit their site to learn more

Get to the point…with Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper! Described as the tweezers with pin point precision, these tweezers are about the size of a finger with points that are hand dressed to precise specifications. Perfect for carefully digging out the smallest of slivers, stingers, ticks, and thorns that you may get on your TrailblazerGirl adventures. Their small size makes them convenient to have on hand whenever you need them. They offer one option that come with a handy tip guard that does double duty with protecting the tip as well as having a small opening to attach to your keyring or small carabiner. Designed and manufactured in the USA out of a single-piece of spring tempered stainless steel, these tweezers carry a lifetime warranty. The high quality, durable Uncle BIll’s Sliver Gripper will soon become an integral item in your TrailblazerGirl first aid kit.