ilike Brightening Moisturizer

October 4, 2017

Currently available: $98  Visit their site to learn more

A new way to lighten those sun spots and even out your skin tone. Despite diligent use of sunscreens, this active TrailblazerGirl has some “little brown kisses” left behind from hours spent in the sun. Our friends at ilike have a new Brightening Moisturizer that is certified organic with a cutting edge compound derived from Castor Seed that brightens skin tone and lightens pigmentation. Made in Hungary with a non-greasy formulation containing a special blend of handpicked organic ingredients like cucumber, sesame seed oil, and orange and lemongrass oils, this cream is designed to be used on your face, hands, and body. After just a little over a week of twice daily use, there was lightening of those brown spots, and with continued use, we expect we’ll see even better results. Yippee! The cream is gentle, non-irritating, and lightweight with an interestingly earthy/spicy scent. Get enlightened with ilike Brightening Moisturizer!