October 6, 2017

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Experience the pure bliss of New Zealand’s awe-inspiring natural landscape in a PurePod. PurePods are individual, glass eco-cabins set in 4 isolated locations around this vast Kiwi country from the bush high above the town of Little River to the hills overlooking the award-winning Greystone vineyard. These luxury, solar-powered Pods are completely surrounded by glass – floor, ceiling, and all four walls, three of which can be fully opened to allow for taking advantage of the surrounding beauty! They are equipped with a comfortable bed, linens, flush toilet, glass-enclosed shower, lights, and heating. Delicious local food can be delivered to the pod or if you choose to bring your own food, there’s a fridge, cooktop and barbecue for in-Pod cooking. A stay in a Kiwi PurePod is a purely unique and unforgettable experience!