Better Bungee

October 3, 2017

Currently available: $19.26+ (6 cords)  Visit their site to learn more

Why settle? Go with the Better Bungee! We all have those standard, woven cotton bungee cords around, but we think that the Better Bungee is well…better! The cords are made out of a new high tech material composed of polyurethane, and they are stronger, weather-proof, able to stand up to most household chemical (gas, diesel fuels, hydraulic fluids, etc), and will not break or become brittle. The attachment hooks are super strong. The nylon ends have break ratings that exceed 180 pounds, and the metal hooks are even stronger with break ratings over 250 pounds. Choose from a variety of cord styles, lengths, colors, and hook ends for attaching extra camping gear to your pack, cinching a lock on the back of your bike, securing a dry sack in your kayak, and more. Go with Better Bungee for all your TrailblazerGirl adventures.