Topeak JoeBlow Twin Turbo

September 22, 2017

Currently available: $199.95  Visit their site to learn more

Wow, this baby is big! The new JoeBlow Twin Turbo from our friends at Topeak is a significant floor pump with significant power. Those smart engineers at Topeak designed proprietary twin turbo technology to optimize your time and effort in filling those tires so you can hit the road and the trails more quickly. At the pull of the handle, you are moving air from the larger side of the barrel into the smaller side of the barrel. When you push the handle down, the air is compressed into high-pressure output for both road and mountain bike tires. No wasted energy here! The large analog gauge is easy to read, and the oversized handle and base are very durable and user-friendly. Make the most of your time, get the JoeBlow Twin Turbo!