REKS Round Lumolux Sunglasses

April 18, 2017

Currently available: $50  Visit their site to learn more

Bumps and bruises happen, but it doesn’t need to mean that your sunglasses will break. Okay, you may not be as accident prone as this TrailblazerGirl, but we think you’ll still find the Round Lumolux Sunglasses from our friends at REKS incredibly useful. These great looking sunglasses have unbreakable frames and shatter-resistant lenses. Yes, unbreakable and backed up with a 24 month warranty! You can twist them, fall on them, sit on them, smash them at the bottom of your backpack, and they will be perfectly fine. The lenses are top quality too – polarized and glare reducing, with 100% UV protection. With 18 different configurations of colors, styles, and lenses, you’re sure to find one that tickles your fancy. They’re reasonably priced as well. Check out REKS for the ultimate sunglasses for your TrailblazerGirl lifestyle!