March 1, 2017

Currently available: Membership Giveaway  Visit their site to learn more

Starting March 6, 2017. Hey TrailblazerGirls, we just discovered a way for you to save some money! Interested? Of course you are! Our friends at ReddyYeti have a website that introduces you to outdoor startups with cool, new products in the world of climbing, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, surfing, kayaking, and just about any activity we TrailblazerGirls love. They give you information about the company, its products, and often have a podcast interviewing the founder of this new company, plus they offer product giveaways and discounts. ReddyYeti is launching an annual membership program on March 21st that will grant you first access to products from these up-and-coming companies and their giveaways and discounts. In anticipation of this launch, they are giving away 10 memberships starting on March 6th, so set a reminder to go to their website to register. Get ready for ReddyYeti, the folks that bring you new, innovative, cool products from outdoor startups!