The Little Kernel Popcorn

February 28, 2017

Currently available: $3.45  Visit their site to learn more

We heart you! On the last day of Heart Health Month, we thought it only fitting to share with you a heart heathy (and super delicious!) snack. Introducing The Little Kernel Popcorn! This new brand of popcorn is different from the rest in that they use 100% pure olive oil to pop these crunchy, little tidbits. It’s also gluten-free, dairy-free, kosher, uses only non-GMO products, and is certified whole grain. See? Heart healthy! And the taste and flavors are something to salute:¬†Truffle Sea Salt, Sweet and Salty, Pink Himalayan Salt, White Cheddar (yes, this is dairy-free to!), Butter and Naked. A¬†1 ounce serving (which in volume is quite a bit since popcorn weigh next to nothing) has 150 calories, 2-4 grams of fiber, and most have 0 grams of sugar (the Sweet and Salty has 2 grams). The Little Kernel is a super yummy snack to fit into your healthy, TrailblazerGirl lifestyle!