Extra Strength Lightload Towels

January 24, 2017

Currently available: $7.99 (3-pack)  Visit their site to learn more

Big function in a little package! Extra Strength Lightload Towels should be an essential part of your camping, hiking, and sports gear packs. Fabricated out of a material called Lyocell which is soft yet strong, this towel is a reusable, ecofriendly alternative to paper towels and is much more compact than a roll of paper towels or a regular towel. A small, 1.75 inch square holds a 12 by 24 inch towel in a watertight package weighing just a few ounces. Besides being a handy towel after washing your hands, you can use it for wiping down your snowshoes, cleaning up the camp dishes, or as a fire starter, wind scarf, first aid supplement, or static electricity insulator. Lightload Towels are a multipurpose, space-saving essential for all your TrailblazerGirl pursuits!