Balega Blister Resist Socks

January 19, 2017

Currently available: $13  Visit their site to learn more

As if you weren’t already interestedĀ in a sock called Blister Resist! Yes, our friends at Balega specialize inĀ socks, and their Blister Resist Socks are ones to write home about. Blisters are prevented by a combination of well-thought out features: high thread count, mohair blended fabric that provides for a tighter fit, moisture wicking, and less friction blisters; extra-deep heel pocket; hand-linked seamless toe; and a high heel tab to keep your sock in place. We appreciated the padding in the heel and ball of the foot areas for added comfort, and the vent panels on the sock allowed for welcome cooling when in full activity mode. Best of all, no blisters!