Zensah Firm and Fit Tights

January 10, 2017

Currently available: $149.99  Visit their site to learn more

Ooooh they look so tiny! Yes, when you first view the Firm and Fit Tights from our friends at Zensah, they look like they run super-duper small. But keep in mind that they are compression tights, meaning that they are supposed to have a snug fit, and they have 16% Elastane, thus they will stretch. So we ventured to test these tights and found them to be just right for active workouts. The graduated compression is designed to help promote blood flow resulting is less muscle fatigue and soreness. The mesh side panels (don’t worry, they’re strategically placed for modesty) allow for body temperature regulation as does the moisture wicking fabric. They’re tagless, seamless, and have a wide waistband which adds to the comfortable feel of the Firm and Fit Tights. As their name implies, they do flatter your body – what more could a TrailblazerGirl ask for!