SKINS DNAmic Thermal Long Tights

November 18, 2016

Currently available: $124.99  Visit their site to learn more

PROMO CODE ALERT! Baby it’s cold outside but you don’t need to let that keep you from braving the elements. The DNAmic Thermal Long Tights from our buddies at SKINS will allow you to comfortably do your TrailblazerGirl activities without freezing your buns off! These tights should be an essential part of your winter wardrobe with their special thermal fabric which will provide warmth in temperatures as low as -20°C. They are designed with a gradient compression that helps your muscles work longer and recover faster. A stylish look and flattering fit add to the benefits of these fantastic tights. Wait…there’s more…the generous folks at SKINS are offering TrailblazerGirl readers a special promo code for 30% off all SKINS products (except Sales and Outlet items). Just enter code TBG30 at checkout to take advantage of this substantial discount. Happy, warm holidays courtesy of SKINS!