Citrus Zinger Biggie

November 5, 2016

Currently available: $18.99  Visit their site to learn more

Why drink just plain water? Put some zing in it with the Citrus Zinger! From the smart folks who brought usĀ Aqua Zinger, comes a new bigger and better Zinger. The Biggie carries a whopping 36 ounces of flavored water with a flip-open straw and easy carrying loop. Pop in half a grapefruit (yes, it’s big enough for that!), orange, lemon, lime, or tangerine, twist and juice on the attached citrus press, remove the fruit (or smaller fruits can be left in the bottom chamber), fill with water, and you’re set to go. Delicious, refreshing, flavored water to keep you hydration-happy. Get creative with your flavor combinations with herbs, spices, and other fruits or even veggies. The Citrus Zinger Biggie is a great way to ensure you are adequately hydrated and healthy in a tempting and taste-tantalizing way!