Women’s Daily Riding Pant by Outlier

June 21, 2012

Currently available: $188  Visit their site to learn more

It’s time to start cycling to work. Ah, but what to wear. The folks at Outlier must have thought the same thing because they’ve designed the perfect Women’s Daily Riding Pant. The sleek design meets exactly the needs of the lady bike commuter. First, its 4Season fabric fits tight enough on the legs to avoid any snagging with the gears but still stretches to comfortably allow for the movement of pedaling. Second, its Nanosphere treatment makes it highly resistant to rain, dirt and those inevitable coffee spills as you’re riding. And third, it looks really great, and you won’t need to change when you get to work. Hey, that’s the TrailblazerGirl tri-fecta for cycling to work. I think we have a winner.