Biokleen Sport Laundry Liquid

July 26, 2016

Currently available: $13.91  Visit their site to learn more

Say bye-bye to stinky clothes! Our friends at Biokleen have a Sport Laundry Liquid that is specially designed to work on our TrailblazerGirl clothing – you know, those sweaty tech shirts and running shorts, muddy hiking pants, and not-so-zen smelling yoga clothes. It’s triple concentrated so you’ll love that it cleans your clothes with just a small amount. With a mild eucalyptus scent and a hint of citrus and lavender, you’ll find fresh smelling clothes that are spotless. It’s formulated with plant-based ingredients, and there are no toxins, harsh chemicals, phosphates, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum or solvents to harm the environment. As they say, “tough on dirt, gentler on the earth”.