Skratch Labs Fruit Drops

June 23, 2016

Currently available: $24.50 (10 packs)  Visit their site to learn more

Need carbs fast? Try Fruit Drops from Skratch Labs. During those long rides, mountain treks, or cross-country runs, you need some extra energy to keep you going. These chews provide you with essential, carb-based energy without any GI-distress or dehydration. Fruit Drops are simple gumdrop-like pieces that are flavored with real fruit and have just the right amount of sweetness. Pectin, a form of fruit fiber, is also added to help slow the rate of the carbohydrates emptying from the stomach. They come in convenient, 2 serving packets with 80 calories per serving. Available in orange and raspberry flavors. Energy chews that will help sustain you on those extend TrailblazerGirl adventures!