Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

June 6, 2016

Currently available: $58.99  Visit their site to learn more

This is truly YOUR sports bra. Our friends at Shefit shared with us their aptly named Ultimate Sports Bra, and TrailblazerGirls, we’re impressed. You can customize the fit with adjustable straps that are so revolutionary, they are actually patented. Not only do you have adjustable shoulder straps that provide you with over 15 inches of “vertical lift” but also over 8 inches of adjustability in the bust band. Plus you can configure it as an “X-back” or just switch the straps around and get an “H-back”; no need for 2 different bras for your different styles of shirts. The front zipper is so much more convenient than other sports bras that require you to almost dislocate your shoulders taking them off after a sweaty session. We found that it gave the right amount of support and comfort for all our TrailblazerGirl activities. As they say, “Ultimate Fit, Ultimate Support, Ultimate Sports Bra”, and we say yes, please!