Booby Trap Bras

May 20, 2016

Currently available: $49.99+  Visit their site to learn more

The sports bras with a feature we hope you never have to use! Our friends at Booby Trap Bras provided us with their innovative and indispensable Just in Case Knife Bra and Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra. Not only are these well-made sports bras that will keep your precious parts supported and secure, but you will personally be more secure because of the contents held in a special, hidden pocket. The Just in Case Knife Bra has a interior pocket with a built in knife sheath that is easily accessible, while the Just in Case Pepper Spray Bra has the space to hold a personal size canister of Mace or bear spray. Personal safety can be a potential issue for TrailblazerGirls whether their adventures take them to the backcountry trails or the streets of downtown, and Booby Trap Bras have a solution for you. As they say, “Bras that protect… in more ways than one!”. We say, thank you Booby Trap Bras!