Umpqua Oats

March 31, 2016

Currently available: $32.28 (12 pack)  Visit their site to learn more

On a cold day, oatmeal is such a comfort food, and our friends at Umpqua Oats have taken oatmeal to a new level! Picture yourself by the campfire, pour a bit of boiling water into the Salted Caramel Meltdown (yes, I know, it’s scrumptious!), cap it, wait a few, agonizing minutes, then taste. Savor a creamy, thick, hearty oatmeal charged with satisfying goodness. Doesn’t that sound good?! Currently, there are 8 flavors to choose from: Salted Caramel, Not Guilty (blueberry apple), Old School (apple walnut), Mostly Sunny (apple, cranberry, cinnamon), Jackpot (triple berry), Kickstart (fruit and nuts), Vanilla Almond Crunch, and Maple Pecan. Each container has 2.8 oz, and the calories range from 245 to 314. Perhaps it’s the groats, the custom milled, whole hulled grains that they use or the quality ingredients or flavor combinations that they use…whatever the reason, TrailblazerGirls will love Umpqua Oats!