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Flying Tomato Festival

February 12, 2016

Currently available: $35+  Visit their site to learn more

Various dates and locations. Are you seeing red? Then it must be the Flying Tomato Festival! Also known as the world’s biggest food fight, this fun event includes singing, dancing, fun, and of course, tomatoes! Lots and lots of tomatoes. Here’s the scoop, once the party gets started with music, the Emcee will announce the rules (e.g. crush the tomatoes before throwing, only tomatoes can be thrown, no grabbing, etc.) and then the countdown begins and the tomatoes are uncovered. Don your funky goggles, and engage in about an hour of tomato tossing, squishiness. (Note that these tomatoes are generally overripe ones that would not be fit for commercial sale.) As they say, “let’s get saucy”!