Aigle Aiglentine

October 14, 2015

Currently available: $239  Visit their site to learn more

You’ll be jumping for joy the next time it rains with the Aigle Aiglentine boots! These handcrafted boots from France are stylish and perfect for the outdoor-loving TrailblazerGirl. How many times have you tried a boot and been frustrated that the calf is too tight? Well, maybe you have the ideal calf size, but if you’re anything like this TrailblazerGirl, you’ll be very happy to hear that these boots have a waterproof gusset and adjustable calf strap (how smart is that!), making for a great fit. A thick, padded rubber sole with substantial tread ensure your comfort and keep you from slipping. Available in 4 colors, but we especially like the khaki color for it’s versatility. Your feet will be warm and dry with the faux fur lining as you wander the wet streets, happily splashing through puddles!