The Chia Co

October 14, 2015

Currently available: $7.17+  Visit their site to learn more

Three cheers for chia! Our friends at The Chia Co have some great products with that superfood, chia. This powerful little seed is a complete protein with all nine essential amino acids and loads of fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Offered in convenient Chia Shots (individual packets) or large bags and bottles, just sprinkle the white or black chia seeds in your cereal, smoothie, salad, or baked goods, and you add an instant boost of healthiness to your meal. Or try Chia Pods, a bit like a pudding and made with a full tablespoon of chia, coconut milk, and fruit. They come in single serving, recyclable containers and even include a spoon, so they work well as a breakfast or yummy snack for the on-the-go TrailblazerGirl. Choose from 7 delicious flavors (our favorite is the dark cacao). A delicious, good-for-you find!