BIC Bands

July 16, 2015

Currently available: $12+  Visit their site to learn more

How annoying is it when your hair is flopping in your face during your workout? Never fear, we have found a solution for you! Check out BIC Bands, with four sizes of band widths (from the Mini at 3/8″ to the Thick at 1.5″) and huge selection of colors and prints. The great thing about these headbands is that they stay put – no slipping or sliding as you run that last hill and no headache from a too-tight headband. Just a soft, comfortable, well-made band that can be a bold fashion statement or a neutral band; either way, it works and keeps your hair out of your face. They are made by hand, and a portion of the sale of each band is donated to a different charity. Wow, what are you waiting for?!