2Toms Stink Free Sports Detergent

July 16, 2015

Currently available: $2  Visit their site to learn more

No more stinky workout clothes! Our friends at 2Toms have a Stink Free Sports Detergent that works really well. Instead of prewashing, soaking, or running your funky-smelling workout clothes through the washer twice (yes, we have done this on occasion with especially ripe smelling clothes!), try this special liquid detergent that cleans and deodorizes. It’s residue free and even works on high performance athletic apparel and gear. Order the large 30 oz bottle for home use or try the 2 oz packets for travel. Super convenient for those destination runs when you don’t have access to a washing machine since it doesn’t require agitation – just soak your gear in the sink or bathtub for 20 minutes with this amazing detergent and voilà, clean smelling clothes! As they say, “get the stink out”!