July 9, 2015

Currently available: $3+  Visit their site to learn more

Kombucha without the bite! The big bottles of búcha are loaded with a live kombucha culture and natural or organic ingredients to give you a great-tasting, slightly bubbly drink. To refresh your memory, kombucha is basically fermented tea (in this case, organic Congou black tea or Fair-Trade Assam tea) that is said to boost your energy, detoxify your liver, strengthen kidney function, and balance your body’s pH levels. Because it’s fermented, often kombucha drinks have a yeasty, almost vinegar-taste to them, but not búcha! They developed a special, proprietary production process that yields a flavorful drink filled with health benefits without that tanginess. Available in 8 unique flavors: Blood Orange, Grapefruit Sage, Guava Mango (our favorite!), Raspberry Pomegranate, Verbena Rose, Masala Chai, Lemongrass Ginger, and Yuzu Lemon. Búcha, a better-tasting kombucha.