Virtue Pedalist

July 10, 2015

Currently available: $4,499+  Visit their site to learn more

Looks a little like a Smart car on a diet. It’s actually the Pedalist by Virtue Cycles, and it will be available later this year. A three-wheeled, enclosed, electric powered velomobile, the Pedalist has a 2+1 seating configuration, allowing a second adult to ride behind the cyclist and a child or pet can sit in the front cargo space. With 3 modes of riding: pure pedal, pedal assist (the electric motor multiplies your pedaling power), and throttle (electric) only, you have the option to use the extra power to help you up those hills. It has a range of more than 50 miles per charge, headlights and taillights, and at full throttle, the maximum speed is 20 mph. A unique, green option to urban commuting.