Icebug Anima3 RB9X

May 26, 2015

Currently available: $159.95  Visit their site to learn more

No more slipping and sliding! Traction is the name of the game with the Icebug Anima3 RB9X running shoes. With a nice bright pink color (our favorite!), you’ll have a women’s cut fit with a narrow heel in addition to their hexagon “studded” soles made out of a special rubber compound, Rubber 9 Extreme, that provides excellent traction. Running on paved and dirt trails after some damp weather proved to be no problem with these shoes! We found them to be comfortable with enough cushion to give our shins and feet relief yet incredibly lightweight. They are also designed out of non-absorbing materials so you won’t have any extra weight in wet conditions, and the added protection of the toe guard and heel cup reinforcement are welcome, especially on the trails. Sure-footed and ready to run with Icebug’s Anima3 RB9X!