Vivobarefoot’s One Training Clinic Ladies

October 22, 2013

Currently available: £115.00  Visit their site to learn more

A versatile barefoot running shoe that works well on the road and in the gym. Vivobarefoot’s One Training Clinic will be your ONE shoe. At the forefront of developing minimalist running shoes, Vivobarefoot knows that barefoot running requires a completely different technique than regular running, and they have a great on-line training clinic guide to help you get started. For those UK TrailblazerGirls, check out the in-store clinics that they offer for more in-depth instruction. Back to the ONE shoe though, with a sole of 3mm, you will have the ultimate minimalist shoe, but this patented, ultra thin puncture resistant sole will protect your feet yet allow you to feel the surfaces on which you are running. Also, your feet will be able to breathe with the thin mesh upper lining.The perfect shoe for entry into the barefoot running world.