SlyTech 2ND SKiN XT Kevlar BackPro

March 4, 2013

Currently available: $229  Visit their site to learn more

Want maximum protection! Well, Kevlar is not just for bullet-proof vests. It also protects you when you decide to push those boundaries in extreme sports, from snowboarding to skiing to climbing. The SlyTech 2ND SKiN XT Kevlar BackPro blends rip-stop, puncture & abrasion proof Kevlar with an Armortex outer shell that wraps a newly developed 2ND SKiN XT EVA foam. All this together creates a protective body shell for you to wear that delivers extreme protection in extreme conditions. Hey, if you want to hot-dog it, you might as well be protected… and this sort of protection might even give you that extra edge to push it further.