Brubeck ACTIVE WOOL Long Pants

April 4, 2022

Currently available: $81  Visit their site to learn more

As promised, here’s the companion piece to that essential Brubeck Women’s THERMO Long Sleeve Top that we introduced you to earlier. The smart folks at Brubeck designed the ACTIVE WOOL Long Pants as a medium weight base layer that is perfect all year round. Made from super soft merino wool enriched with microfibers, a double layer seamless construction allows unparalleled moisture transfer and body thermo regulation. As with the THERMO Long Sleeve Top, these pants have the brilliant 3D body mapping so the areas that get the most sweaty, are lined with a mesh weave and ventilation ducts. No worries here about overheating or being uncomfortable in a sweaty pair of bottoms! The anti-allergenic, antibacterial, and odor control properties are also welcome features. For the best balanced thermo-insulation through all the seasons, choose the Brubeck ACTIVE WOOL Long Pants!