Acli-Mate Natural Sport Drinks

February 25, 2013

Currently available: $1.99/pk  Visit their site to learn more

Acclimate faster! To altitude. To stress on your body. To make that happen, the folks at Acli-Mate have launched two Natural Sport Drinks: Acli-Mate Mountain and Acli-Mate Endurance. The first was developed to help athletes acclimate to leaps in elevation while the latter was developed to help them replace the electrolytes and nutrients during the stress of working-out or competing. These products contain all-natural ingredients like vitamins, minerals, juices and sugars, and they completely avoid any sort of artificial colors, preservatives, gluten, dairy, high fructose corn syrup, egg, caffeine, soy or yeast. So, it’s all the good stuff. When it comes to flavors, Mountain comes in Elevation Orange, Mountain Grape, Colorado Cran-Raspberry while Endurance comes in Orange-Mango and Cran-Raspberry.