Odor-Killing Bag by Stuffitts

March 22, 2012

Currently available: $39.95  Visit their site to learn more

It’s a proven fact that most women are more sensitive to stinky, dirty. filthy, musty, dumpy smells than most men…. at least as far as we’re concerned. You know what (and who) we’re talking about. Fortunately, our friends at Stuffitts have created the Odor-Killing Bag. Yes, we did say odor-killing. You drop your (we mean “his”) dirty laundry into the bag, and the small pouch they provide with the bag absorbs the moisture, and on top of that, the odor is locked within the bag as well. Now to complete the cycle, when you get home, hand it back to him and have him empty it into the damn washing machine. Is that really too much to ask?