Fresh Wave Sports Products

January 10, 2013

Currently available: $5.99-$39.99  Visit their site to learn more

The Anti-Odor. It may sound like a super-hero, but it’s the amazing mix of natural ingredients found in the new Fresh Wave Sports Products that all come together to defeat really tough odors. These are both products you can drop in the wash as well as just spray or even just leave open near your stinky gear. Then, presto-magico, the odor goes away without any perfumey smell. And, they come in super convenient sizes, small enough to fit anywhere. As they like to say, you can toss Fresh Packs in your shoes, bag, locker, skates, hockey gloves and other odor offenders. Just replace them every 30 days to stay on top of your odor-eliminating game. And the sports sprays are convenient to spray in athletic bags and shin guards. Hey, we should give these out to the guys too.