Grandoe VIP Custom Design Ski Gloves

November 6, 2012

Currently available: $115  Visit their site to learn more

Design your own! Nearly every panel on the new VIP Custom Design Ski Gloves by Grandoe can be customized with your choice of color, and you can have your name stitched into the index finder as well. No more arguing which glove belongs to whom. These gloves aren;t just customizable, they also have 3 levels of insulation in 6 different areas and a heater pack pocket, so they’re well-built for the cold. If you’ve never heard of them, Grandoe, of believe-it-or-not Gloversville NY, has been making gloves since the 1800’s and has more patented and patent pending comfort technologies currently in use than any other glove manufacturer. Makes a great personalized gift too!