THE TrailblazerGirl ELECTION OF 2012

November 7, 2012


Now it’s time for the REAL election… starting today and continuing until Wednesday, December 5th, TrailblazerGirl is inviting everyone (that means you) to vote on your favorite getaways, hiking gear, cool clothing and everything else from 2012. We’ll announce the top winners in each category starting on December 6th, so yes you will have time to do some shopping before the holidays.

How to vote? It’s super simple… just search for the items you like here on the site (or on TrailblazerGirl’s Facebook page) and do a Facebook Share or a Facebook Like on those posts. If you share it or like it on Facebook, we’ll count it as a vote. It’s that simple. So take some time to relax from that other little election (you know you need a break), and go have some fun voting for stuff you really wish you could have! Oh, and keep your eyes open for new reviews because we’ll continue to share new products between now and the 5th.