Patterned Frame Pads by Cyclelogical

October 9, 2012

Currently available: $20  Visit their site to learn more

Why do boy’s have that silly crossbar? After all, that crossbar on the bike is clearly unnecessary since a girl’s bike obviously doesn’t need it. Okay, we know it’s for support, but if you’re gonna have it, why not decorate it? And that’s exactly what the folks at Cyclelogical thought when they created their new Patterned Frame Pads. These simple and cute pads wrap around the crossbar on any bike to provide both some style as well as a little cushioning when and if you need to stand straddling the bar. It’s trivial to install with its Velcro strip that runs along the length of the pad, and in true girl power style, you can choose from 5 cool fabrics.


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