NatureLab Tokyo Perfect Shine Collection

August 24, 2022

Currently available: $17+  Visit their site to learn more

Everyone wants shiny, healthy hair, and our friends at NatureLab Tokyo developed the Perfect Shine Collection to give you, well, perfect, shiny, beautiful hair! The collection consist of Shampoo, Conditioner, and Shine Oil Mist. A small amount of this shampoo lathers up very nicely, while the conditioner leaves your hair feeling silky soft, and it’s all finished off with a light spritzing of the Shine Oil Mist on dry hair. The key ingredients are platinum fibers and pearl extract, which coat your hair to enhance its natural reflective proprieties, leaving you with a gorgeous, glossy, iridescent finish. A healthy head of hair is further ensured with grape extract, a source of powerful antioxidants that helps to reduce the environmental damage to your hair and scalp plus hyaluronic acid, an excellent hydrating ingredient for both your hair and scalp, which plumps your tresses to make them fuller and thicker. Shine on with the Perfect Shine Collection from our friends at NatureLab Tokyo!