Cincha Travel Belt

August 25, 2022

Currently available: $40  Visit their site to learn more

A seat belt for your bag! It’s the Cincha Travel Belt, a super handy travel accessory that will make your travel life sooo much easier. The design is simple, yet so smart – a two inch wide belt with a quick-release buckle and a secret elastic slip on the inside of the belt. The secret slip is the key feature that secures the belt around your luggage handle. Then place your backpack, carry on bag, or purse on top of your luggage and easily adjust the belt to cinch it to your rolling bag. The belt is adjustable to 45 inches so even your oversized bag will be snuggly held. On a recent trip, we secured a fully packedĀ Naturehike 11L Outdoor Insulated Cooler Bag on our roller board without any trouble. As an added bonus, the company is dedicated to reuniting families and recognizes the persistent migrant crisis in our country by donating 100 airline miles per travel belt purchased to Miles4Migrants to help reconnect migrant families. Look good, do good, feel good and make travel a cinch with the Cincha Travel Belt!