Pinole Blue

April 20, 2022

Currently available: $11.50+  Visit their site to learn more

Though you may not be able to run the long distances that the legendary Tarahumara do, you can partake in the foods that they rely on. That magic food is pinole or roasted ground maize (corn), and the folks at Pinole Blue have a collection of products with this key ingredient. The Tarahumara tribe in Mexico are known to run 50 miles or more per day, fueling these runs with this superfood. This ancient grain is known as a concentrated source of energy, vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants. It provides sustained plant-based energy which is easily digested. Pinole Blue offers Azulitas (yummy bite sized sugar cookies), Endurobites (tasty tidbits with a hint of peanut butter), and a powdered drink mix that can be added to milk, plant-based milk, or water. All are non GMO, certified vegan, and gluten free. Fuel up with Pinole Blue!