Nikwax Products

September 21, 2021

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More great products from our friends at Nikwax! A few years ago, we introduced you to a handful of Nixwax must-haves that extend the life of your gear, and we wanted to share a few more that we thought would come in handy with your active TrailblazerGirl life. Start out with a thorough cleaning of your outdoor clothing with either Basewash or Tech Wash to avoid the residues that standard household detergents leave behind which can harm the water-repellency and wicking power of those special fabrics. Basewash is fantastic at cleaning and conditioning those quick drying, breathable layers that are made out of synthetic fabrics. You know those ones that are great at keeping us warm and dry but can sometimes smell funky even with regular washings. Tech Wash is specifically designed and optimized for breathable waterproof fabrics, like those used for your rain and ski jackets and waterproof pants and socks. Basefresh allows you to use your regular detergent and add a splash or two of the Basefresh to your fabric softener dispenser to deodorize, freshen, soften, and enhance the drying and cooling properties of technical base layers. And finally, there’s TX.Direct, a spray-on solution that waterproofs and revives the breathability of your wet weather clothing. No need to heat activate it, just spray on. let it air dry, and you’re set to head out in the rain! Maximize the performance of your outdoor clothing and gear with Nikwax!