Helena Lane Lavender and Lime Balancing Cleanser

July 28, 2021

Currently available: $36  Visit their site to learn more

Keep it simple. The Lavender and Lime Balancing Cleanser from our friends at Helena Lane is the true embodiment of this. It’s formulated with only 5 nutrient-rich ingredients: jojoba oil (infused with calendula and chamomile flowers), beeswax, lavender essential oil, lime essential oil, and eucalyptus essential oil. The philosophy at Helena Lane is that these unrefined, unprocessed, natural and certified organic ingredients are specifically chosen for their benefits to the skin and allow your skin to use its own natural processes of rejuvenation. The Lavender and Lime Balancing Cleanser is a beautifully scented refreshing balm that helps unblock your pores, regulate sebum production, and soften and smooth your skin. Valid for all skin types, a small, pea-sized amount massaged into your warm, damp skin effectively dissolves waterproof make-up and removes dirt. After letting it do its magic for a few minutes, just wipe if off with a damp washcloth. We found that our skin felt so well hydrated after this, that it wasn’t necessary to apply any moisturizer. That’s simple and easy! Add the Helena Lane Lavender and Lime Balancing Cleanser to your skincare regimen for simple, effective cleaning and moisturizing.