My Medic MyFAK

July 27, 2021

Currently available: $129.95  Visit their site to learn more

Organization on-the-go! MyFAK from the folks at My Medic is the ultimate first aid kit for the serious backpacker. This compact pack has an inordinate amount of supplies for treating a variety of emergency situations on the trails. You’ll find over 100 quality first-aid and trauma supplies from the usual items like bandages, antiseptic, OTC meds, and gauze to specialty products such as a tourniquet, a chest seal, saline, EMT shears, and a nasal airway to emergency supplies like a whistle, space blanket, and electrolyte rich tablets to prevent symptoms of dehydration. Careful thought was put into selecting the items that would be most useful to include in this kit as well as the physical design of the bag. Using a combination of elastic bands, pockets, and a removable smaller module, the trifold design and an oversized, snag-resistant zipper with large pull tabs allow you to fully open the bag for quick and easy access. Buckle or attach the pack to back of your car seat headrest or outside of your backpack, and the handy velcro, tear away panel permits you to take your kit with you without having to fiddle with those buckles or straps. Stay safe and be prepared with the smartly organized and very complete My Medic MyFAK!