Eat the Change Mushroom Jerky

June 21, 2021

Currently available: $19.99 (3 pack)  Visit their site to learn more

Planet friendly jerky! Yes, that’s right, planet, because our friends at Eat the Change have a Mushroom Jerky that is good for you and good for the planet. Here are the company’s planet-based commitments: USDA certified organic; 100% plant/fungi based; support biodiversity by avoiding the 6 crops that represent more than half of all agricultural output: sugar, corn, rice, wheat, potatoes and soy; use upcycled imperfect produce to address food waste; and use only recyclable packaging. Creating mushroom jerky from organic portobello and criminology mushroom sourced from a family farm in Pennsylvania, Eat the Change has successfully captured the smokiness of a traditional jerky, giving TrailblazerGirls a new kind of snack for your all your adventures. Choose from five delicious flavors: Sea Salt + Cracked Pepper, Hickory Smokehouse, Maple Mustard, Teriyaki Ginger, and Habanero BBQ. Taste the difference and make a positive impact with Eat the Change Mushroom Jerky!