PlaneAire Wipes

June 22, 2021

Currently available: $9.99 (box of 12)  Visit their site to learn more

Ready to travel? Then you must be sure to pack PlaneAire Wipes. Earlier this year, we introduced you to the hand sanitizer from our friends at PlaneAire. This month they released a multi-surface cleaning wipe, just in time for summer travel. Each box comes with 12 convenient individual envelopes containing a wipe that is made with 99% plant-based ingredients, including their proprietary blend of 6 essential oils: peppermint, lemon, oregano, rosemary, thyme and lavender. There’s no added alcohol or ammonia, so you’re left with a pleasant herbal scent. It’s easy to whip out a wipe and thoroughly clean your airline tray table, movie theater arm rest, picnic table at the park, or any hard surface that other people may have left their germs on.┬áSo the next time you’re heading out, remember the PlaneAire Wipes!